here are many things to consider when creating great learning online. Here are the 5 key steps to getting started and creating your best learning content yet.

#1 - Discover the needs of your organisation and the learner

The discovery stage of the process is fundamental in making sure the digital learning you create is going to target the right problem. You may identify these needs by connecting directly with the learner, and understanding how you can best share your knowledge with them. This is also the time to define the key business and learning outcomes for the project, and ensure you are keeping them in mind throughout the duration.

#2 - Define the experience of the learner

In this next stage, we are able to develop the learning approach and learner stories that will best resonate with the learners themselves. Put yourself in the learner’s shoes and think about how they will respond to different stimuli and scenarios presented to them.

#3 - Design a solution that works

By using a tool like How Too, we are able to design collaboratively and efficiently. We can use inbuilt learning templates that are backed by science and are designed to effectively engage learners and offer them information that is guaranteed to be memorable. How Too is quick and intuitive, so that even those with no learning design skills can create great online learning courses.

#4 - Develop, iterate and refine

We often seek feedback from learners on prototypes we have created for them. We are then able to iterate further and refine and improve to make sure it is going to resonate with our specific audience. Testing is important both for the usability and technicality of the course, and to ensure the end product is right for your business and the learner alike. 

#5 - Deliver learning just when it’s needed

Now it’s time to launch our creation to the world! Having already sought feedback throughout the process, we know we have created a piece of online learning that is going to be enjoyable, effective and engaging.

And that’s a wrap! Sign up for a freeHow Too trial today, to see how you too can make brilliant learning solutions.

Jul 29, 2020
Learning Design

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