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Learning Culture

Training vs. Learning: What's the difference?

Training and learning can represent two very different approaches to team development in your organisation. Which one is better for you?

2020: A Year in Review at HowToo

We look back on 2020 and the incredible journey so far.
Learning Culture

4 easy steps to upskilling your team fast

Tap into your biggest asset and prevent knowledge drain
Learning Culture

How to prepare and protect your team in whistleblower situations

Whistleblowing is too important to ignore- learn how to embrace the challenge head-on to prepare and protect your organisation and employees.

Everything you need to think about before you start filming

Everything you need to think about before you start filming.
Learning Design

Top tips on creating effective remote onboarding 

With the shift to remote and hybrid working, the way we onboard needs to change.

How to rapidly pivot an organisation in response to unexpected change

Read how Campbelltown City Council were able to rapidly transition from face-to-face learning to digital courses.
Learning Design

5 Steps to great learning design

Here are the five, fool-proof steps our learning designers use every time they develop learning courses.