Learning Culture

What is "learning in the flow of work" and why is it the most important idea this decade?

A new paradigm for corporate learning strategies, learning in the flow of work has been steadily gaining traction in the past few years. Discover what it is, and how it could work for you.

Female founded Australian startup HowToo secures $2.5M funding in oversubscribed round to disrupt the global digital learning market

Australian startup showing incredible early traction having secured 10,000 users since launch in February 2020

What is the future for Augmented Reality and Learning?

In this blog, we’ll make it easy to understand what AR is, and explore possibilities for its future use in the digital learning landscape.

2020: A Year in Review at HowToo

We look back on 2020 and the incredible journey so far.

Proud recipients of the Accelerating Commercialisation grant!

The grant will help expand the HowToo team, provide business opportunities by engaging with experts, and increase the development of the software through new opportunities for commercialisation.