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Why everyone is using podcasts in their digital learning

Podcasts have exploded in popularity and these days, it seems like everyone's talking about them. In this blog, we explore the advantages of using podcasts in digital learning programs.
Learning Design

Why human-centred design is critical for learning

What can bad door designs teach us about how to create effective, engaging learning?

7 Examples of brilliant training videos

We’re always keeping our eyes out for brilliant, creative and unexpected approaches to teaching through videos, so here’s a roundup of our favourites.

How to optimise your videos for learning

Learning Designer Dave Bloustien shares his top tips for creating effective and memorable videos for learning courses.
Learning Design

5 ways to perfect your learning design for adults

We’ve rounded up five of our favourite tips, techniques and principles that our expert learning designers love to use when they’re designing learning experiences.
Learning Design

Top tips on creating effective remote onboarding 

With the shift to remote and hybrid working, the way we onboard needs to change.
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5 Steps to great learning design

Here are the five, fool-proof steps our learning designers use every time they develop learning courses.

What is microlearning?

What is microlearning? And more importantly, why should you use it?