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Learning Design

How to harness the power of storytelling

Stories and scenarios are powerful learning devices. Learn how to use them to maximum effective in your learning courses.

Find a home for your learning programs

Introducing the Learning Management System that makes distributing learning easy.
Learning Design

What is digital learning?

Digital learning uses electronic media to create teaching experiences for teams in workplaces.

Proud recipients of the Accelerating Commercialisation grant!

The grant will help expand the HowToo team, provide business opportunities by engaging with experts, and increase the development of the software through new opportunities for commercialisation.

4 ways to design for people with intellectual disabilities

We go through four ways to make sure your product design is accessible to those with intellectual disabilities
Learning Design

Why you need to put the learner at the centre of your design

For a truly successful learning experience, your design needs to put the learner at the centre.