his March, we’re bringing you all new options and possibilities within HowToo through the release of our most significant new product features yet.

These features will give you all new capabilities for designing, reviewing and tracking learning objects. Keep reading to find out more!

New block layouts

Everyone loves options and now you have over 380 more to choose from. That’s right - we’ve done a major overhaul to our block layouts. You can now choose between up to a dozen different layouts within a single block type.

Not only do you get more flexibility as you create your storyboard, but you also get beautiful new ways to design your blocks with images and backgrounds. For any block that contains an image, you can now seamlessly transition your image from floating in the block to integrated with the background. 

You’ve also got all-new options for layouts that allow images to take up one or two thirds of the block. You can also now align your content to the top or bottom of the block.

To deliver these new options, we’ve refreshed the interface for easily switching between new and existing layouts. Don’t worry - it’s still in the same place, and works the same as before.

To update any of your existing learning objects to view these new options, navigate to the settings of your learning object, then change the theme to one with a "_NEW" suffix. 

Butterfly theme

Our visual themes pack a massive punch for the look and feel of your learning object. Themes influence colours and how your learners navigate through your course.

The Butterfly theme will feature vertical navigation and seamless scrolling through blocks. You’ll be able to create beautiful continuous flows and maximise your visual storytelling. It’s the perfect partner to our new block layouts.

Share for Review Links

Collaboration has never been more important for organisations. Getting quality feedback on your learning objects is a critical part of the design and development process. That’s why you can now get feedback on your learning objects from individuals outside your HowToo subscription.

You can now choose “Share for review” from your storyboard actions, which will allow you to create a review link of your learning object. With a review link, the viewer is able to access and use the much-loved commenting window to leave feedback on the elements in your learning object, without needing their own subscription to HowToo. 

Viewers will need to share their name and email to access the learning object so that you can see who has comments. You can also create a password for viewers to provide to access the learning object to ensure privacy and security.

Completion tracking

We’ve also delivered new capabilities for tracking and controlling your learner’s journey through your courses.

With the brand new 'Completion' tab in the Settings of your learning objects, you can define what portion of a learning object a learner must progress through to be marked as having completed the learning experience by your LMS.

Under 'Completion Tracking', you can select a percentage of blocks that the learner must progress through to count as complete. By default, this is set to 100% to require the learner to view the entire learning object in order to count the experience as complete, however, it can also be toggled off to allow learners to skip straight to the assessment and still be counted as having completed the learning experience.

For learning objects with formal assessment sections, you can also turn off the requirement for learners to achieve a pass mark in the assessment to be counted as having completed the learning experience.

Add new users

HowToo is better with friends - it's a fact! That's why we've expanded your Admin Portal to include the ability to add additional paid or trial users to your HowToo account with just a name and an email.

When you invite your team to join your HowToo account, you can fully explore all our awesome collaboration and review tools together. Then, when you’re ready to upgrade, you can seamlessly transition together. It’s a no-brainer.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about any of these new or planned features, start a chat with our team. They can answer any questions or even give you a demo.

Mar 18, 2021
Product Release Updates

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