e all need a place to call home. 

A home is a place that provides security, control, reflection and growth. A place where we can return to at the end of a busy day, to rest and refresh until we start up again after a 12 hour recharge. 

Seems a little cliched, right?

Well, just as humans all need a place to call home, so does our learning. Once you have created amazing online learning courses we often hear the question of, 'so where do we put it now?'. This is where an LMS comes in.

What is an LMS?

LMS is short for Learning Management System (let’s get the basics out of the way early). 

Simply put, the purpose of an LMS is to help administer, track, report and deliver online training. It allows organisations of any size to track the progress of their team’s learning and development and analyse their results to gain a better understanding of where they are at with the essential knowledge of the workplace. It also helps to maintain unified standards of work amongst the team as well as track their individual or unique learnings. In a nutshell, it’s the one-stop-shop for all things learning for both the individual and the organisation.

At HowToo, we understand how important it is for learning to have a home, otherwise it is left floating around the internet with no way of being traced, collected or analysed. 

That’s why we created HowToo Hub

HowToo Hub is a seamless learning management system that can host and deploy any SCORM compliant and TinCan compatible learning modules. It is a mobile-friendly platform that is simple to set up, cloud-based (in-country via Amazon Web Services (AWS)), and cuts out the costs and complications of establishing in-house learning management from the ‘ground up’.

Training for the HowToo LMS is included in the purchase price. It is performed with the intended platform administrator(s) over two hours either in person at Wynyard or via WebEx.

You’re in safe hands.

We understand it can be a little stressful putting the learning information of your company up on a website, but be assured it is a completely secure service, hosted on Amazon AWS EC2. We use their Sydney-based Asia Pacific systems physically located in Sydney and owned by AWS directly. On top of this, we have 24x7 website monitoring in place to alert our management team in the event of a major incident. 

HowToo Hub is also compliant with the PCI scan validation. To earn validation of PCI compliance, network devices must pass rigorous testing that probe all of known methods used to access private information, in addition to vulnerabilities that would allow malicious software (i.e. viruses and worms) to gain access to or disrupt the network devices being tested. HowToo Hub is protected by a GeoTrust SSL certificate and all passwords are encrypted.

Stored data on the AWS platform is a vital component that requires significant attention to ensure a high level of security including:

  • Primary server data is stored on Enterprise Grade SANs
  • All storage devices are located in fully secure, Tier 3+ data centres
  • All physical access to devices is monitored and recorded
  • Only internal AWS staff are allowed physical or admin level access

It’s time to bring your learning home. 

It’s practically begging to be put in a home as comfortable and secure as How Too Hub. 

Get in touch today.

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Jul 2, 2020

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