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Courses Remote working

Remote working

25 mins

Course overview

Do you work remotely? This module will help you maximise the benefits of remote working, while minimising the potential negative impacts it may have on mental and physical wellbeing, productivity, communication, and leadership.

Course features

  • Assessment icon Assessment
  • WCAG icon WCAG AA 2.1 compliant

Learning outcomes

After completing the course learners will be able to:

  • Define and abide by your organisation’s policies regarding IT security, codes of conduct, and WHS;
  • Explain how to prepare yourself both physically and mentally, for safe remote work;
  • Describe how to communicate effectively and maintain social bonds with co-workers while in physical isolation;
  • Identify how to maximise your productivity while working remotely;
  • Discuss how to lead/play a role in a team culture of innovation, communication, and collaboration while spatially distributed.

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