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How Campbelltown City Council pivoted to digital learning in just one month

Campbelltown City Council, a local government branch in Sydney Australia, were caught by surprise when the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic sent their workforce home. Fortunately, they were able to transition essential onboarding training from a 1.5 hr face-to-face session, to a 30 minute online course in just one month with no prior training in eLearning thanks to HowToo's intuitive and enjoyable course creation platform.

Onboarding and training team members during COVID-19

Each year, Campbelltown City Council maintains Workplace Health and Safety compliance onboarding and training for their 900+ people. With the sudden onset of the COVID-19 crisis, their ability to train with face-to-face methods evaporated, leaving them at risk of non-compliance, accidents and injuries.

The small People & Performance team needed a solution to quickly and effectively move their training online on a small budget, with no prior experience in e-learning.

Making the transition to digital learning easy

HowToo’s learning science-based designs gave the team at Campbelltown City Council the ability to quickly transition from face to face training to online during the COVID-19 crisis. Providing their workforce with professional courses in the shortest possible time, without compromising on quality. HowToo has allowed for greater flexibility in the sharing of knowledge and resulted in huge cost savings for the Council.

HowToo's learner-first approach

HowToo’s learning experiences can be completed any time, on any device, offering unparalleled flexibility for busy employees whether they’re in the field or the office.

Campbelltown City Council can use HowToo to create everything from simple, bite-sized courses to complex branching experiences, allowing learners to effectively and enjoyably onboard and upskill. HowToo’s foundation in learning science ensures that learning experiences are engaging and memorable for employees.

"By transitioning our training to HowToo, our divisions have greater flexibility to recruit during the pandemic and improve our operational effectiveness.It’s so simple and yet it allows you the opportunity to get creative. The finished product looks professional and polished."

Kirsty Gaal
Learning and Development Business Partner
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