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Our story

Starting out, our mission was to transform the way people learn.

So we built a leading learning design agency, Savv-e. With 20 years of experience, 200+ clients and over 50 awards under out belt, we know a thing or two about what makes great learning.

Now we've made HowToo so that others can use the same processes and smarts that we do.

Lisa and Jenny image
HowToo founders: Lisa and Jenny

Our commitment to learning

We exist to unlock the potential of the individuals inside the world's biggest workforces.

Inside every organisation is knowledge that can elevate their workforce. It’s locked inside people’s minds. Sometimes it’s passed on. Rarely, it’s written down. Often, it leaves when they do. With the right tools, however, it can be shared. It can become an asset that transforms the organisation, boosts careers, saves lives, and gets stunning results.

The devil is in the delivery. You can’t bore your team into learning. You can’t force wisdom. You can’t rely on charismatic trainers, and Powerpoint should just be avoided. The key to reaching every individual is to put your knowledge into the world’s most effective learning frameworks.

We dedicated our lives to understanding pedagogy and the science of learning. We built world-first tools to create over a thousand training courses for the world’s biggest employers. And now we’ve made the world’s most accessible learning tool available to workforces worldwide.

Our team

Lisa Lisa Vincent Co-founder/CEO
Jenny Jenny Barltrop Co-founder/Product Manager
Johnny Johnny Zhou Tech Lead
Jola Jola Van Der Horn Channel & Enterprise Sales Manager
Ken Ken lp UX/UI Lead
Meghan Meghan McGreevy Marketing Manager
Sheena Sheena Anil Production Manager
Stephen Stephen Ronning Customer Success Consultant
Ben Ben Perram Front End Developer
Claire Claire Boucher Marketing Consultant
Jonathen Jonathen Cheuh Front End Developer
Notail Notail Wang Front End Developer
Selena Selena Chew Digital/UI Designer
Anna Anna Fatima QA Manager